Pressure Cooker Valve

Pressure Valve for Stove-top Pressure Cookers (SPCWPV25LJ)

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⚠ This part is compatible only with units with an "LJ" stamp on the bottom of the pot

👉 If your unit doesn't have an "LJ" stamp, please check this other part

Compatible models:

  • Zavor ZPot Pressure Cooker, 4.2Qt (ZCWSP01)
  • Zavor ZPot Pressure Cooker, 6.3Qt (ZCWSP02)
  • Zavor ZPot Pressure Cooker, 10Qt (ZCWSP03)
  • Zavor Elite Pressure Cooker, 4.2Qt (ZCWEL01)
  • Zavor Elite Pressure Cooker 6.3Qt (ZCWEL02)
  • Zavor Elite Pressure Cooker 10Qt (ZCWEL03)
  • Zavor Elite Pressure Cooker Set (ZCWEL04)
  • Zavor Versa Express Pressure Cooker, 6.3Qt (ZCWRA01)
  • Zavor Versa Express Pressure Cooker, 8.4Qt (ZCWRA02)

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