We’re Changing Manufacturing Facilities

While our stovetop pressure cooker models remain the same (DUO, ZPot, EZLock, Elite, and Versa Express), we have recently switched manufacturing facilities. Different pressure cooker models will be switching to the new facility at different times, starting in September 2022. Our website is being updated frequently to reflect product and spare parts from the new facility as soon as they are available.

What does this switch in manufacturing facilities mean?

The Zavor pressure cooker models performance will remain the same, with a few aesthetic differences. BE ADVISED the switch will also mean that the spare parts will NOT be interchangeable.

Why it's important to choose the right part?

Spare parts for the pressure cooker manufactured at the former facility will not work with pressure cookers manufactured at the new facility and vice versa. Using spare parts that do not correspond with your pressure cooker could lead to the unit malfunctioning and could potentially cause personal injury. The use of incorrect spare parts will also void the warranty, so always make sure to use the correct spare parts for your pressure cooker manufacturing facility.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at info@zavoramerica.com.